Welcome Class of 1976!


The organizing committees from Huron, Pioneer and Community High Schools, Class of ’76 want to invite you to our ongoing community.  If you want to stay in touch with our annual picnics, and “every 5 years” fun weekends, please do one or all of these three things.

  • Sign up for the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/aahuron1976/   This address says Huron but it’s for everyone.  It’s also a private group for just us, so ask for admission and someone will approve you quickly.  Also, you can approve anyone you invite to this group once you’re in.
  • If you prefer to get news by email, give us your email address at http://goo.gl/forms/aKb13kBgl0.  We will not give it out to anyone else.
  • Keep checking out this site!  http://www.aahsreunion76.com

We are planning to have annual picnics, and every 5 years we’ll have another fun filled weekend.

We also need your help in reaching everyone, so please send this link to ALL alumni you are in contact with so they can join to.  It will take them to this page.



Huron Committee: Marti Marshall, Karen Kerry, Roger Brown-Pastor, Carole Gibson, Pat (Woolley) Marts, Kathy (Prochnow) Marx, Jon Strite, Dave Meader.

Pioneer Committee: Randy Hoffman, Bob Dresselhouse, Jan (Scruggs) Hoffman, Rick Muhs, Chris Woodruff

Community Committee:   no one yet, who wants to step up?