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Class of ’76 Online Community


Hi Huron, Pioneer, Community, and St. Thomas Alums!

If you graduated with, spent time with, married someone in, or are just a friend of the Class of 1976, at Huron, Pioneer or Community High Schools in Ann Arbor, this is the place for you!   Especially if you want to join us for future picnics other events we’ll be holding from now on.

The Reunion Committees of Huron and Pioneer got together and decided that since we had so much intermingling between our high schools, from Ann Arbor elementary schools on up to HS, we might all like to have the opportunity see our friends from waaaaaaay back.

So we are thrilled to announce that ALL Ann Arbor High School graduating classes of 1976 will combine to create an ongoing community.   This site, and the Facebook site, will be the place to keep tabs on classmates, as well as future events.

Right now, we’re planning on having annual summer picnics, and every 5 years we’ll have another weekend of fun.

Facebook Group:  Please join the Facebook page now to hear all the latest news, and catch up with old friends.  The FB page for everyone is  (FB won’t let us change the original page name, so even though it says Huron, it’s for everyone)

Get The Word Out!  Tell all your classmates about this.  We want everyone to have the chance to join us.  Right now we have contact with about 1/3 of the graduating classes. Just ask them to join the Facebook group (with the link above).  Or just ask everyone you know to go to our landing page at by sending them the link.

This Web Site:  We can use this web site for many things (what do YOU think we should put here?), but look for discussion at our Facebook page.

If you want to help with this site, let me know at  As you can see, I am NOT a graphic designer.  So if you have web design talents you’d like to contribute….please join me in making this site presentable.

The Organizing Committee is:

From Huron:
Marti MarshallKaren Kerry, Roger Brown-Pastor, Carole Gibson,  Kathy (Prochnow) MarxPat (Woolley) Marts, Jon Strite, Dave Meader.

From Pioneer:  Randy HoffmanBob Dresselhouse, Jan (Scruggs) Hoffman, Rick Muhs, Chris Woodruff

From Community:  No one yet. Please join us!

Please contact any Committee member with ideas for organizing the events.  Especially if you want to help with one.


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